5 Films to Start Off 2020 with Sung Kang and Racer M | Sung’s Garage Podcast
Written by Alex Harrington

I’ve known Sung for more than half my life at this point, and any time I see him – no matter where we are – we always end up on the subject of movies and shows we’ve seen. And my favorite part of our talks is undoubtedly discovering some new gems to stream, some piece of entertainment I’ve managed to overlook.

When Sung suggested we bring our talks to his garage, I made like a cow and was over the moon. It’s my hope that we might be able to introduce you to some great stuff to watch yourselves, our dear readers, much as we’ve done for each other. It’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly – with or without the mask.

This week, Sung and I get into the FuguZ to discuss the top five films I’ve seen recently.

  • Knives Out
  • Midsommar
  • Us
  • Tammy & The T-Rex
  • The Stuff

In the process, we discuss Sung’s connection to the Rian Johnson film Brick; his favorite Key & Peele sketch; and our movie crushes. The list is a little horror-heavy, but there should be something there for everyone.


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