A Nissan 350Z Joins Sung’s Garage – What’s The Plan?
Written by Alex Harrington

I’ve loved the Nissan 350Z for a long time, and while I’ve been enjoying planning the Lexus IS200 build, I couldn’t hold off for much longer. I had to buy one, and on finding out that the insurance premium wasn’t going to kill me, I found a really good specimen of a car and bought it. So, everyone, say hello to Sung’s Garage’s new 350Z, Yuki.

It’s a 2007, GT model, with 300 horsepower thanks to its ‘Rev Up’ Engine. We’ll see how much more we can squeeze out of it, I’m sure.

Why The Name And What Does It Mean?

Let’s start with the name. I was talking to Sung about the new purchase and, knowing how good he is at naming cars, I asked him what he thought. He came up with ‘Frozen’, because of the paint colour and number plate. I wanted something a bit more reflective of its Japanese lineage, so I did some digging. It was snowing when I bought it, and this is very rare in the UK, so I Googled the Japanese translation. The result was ‘Yuki’, which also means ‘luck’, and feeling rather lucky that I’d managed to buy myself what I believe is my dream car, it stuck.

What’s The Plan Then?

You know we love a Fairlady Z at Sung’s Garage, so I thought this would be a great way of learning more about that run of cars. While Sung learns about the older 240s, I can learn about the 350 and hopefully pass on what I learn to you guys.

I’ll also be modifying it, so let me know what you’d like to see on the car as we work on it. I’d love to start with an aftermarket exhaust, induction kit, and some aftermarket suspension, so I’ll be on the lookout for them. If anyone has any experience with this, please leave a comment below.

The interior will also get a good going over, because right now, it’s very plastic. I’ve found some companies that produce some nice leather and Alcantara covers, so I’ll be looking into this in the future, as well as an aftermarket radio.

Along the way, I’ll be bringing you videos so I can show you what’s going on and how to do things.

Watch The Video And Meet Me!

I’ve been running this site and co-presenting the SG podcast with Sung for some time now, but I really want to get to know you guys. And with video being the best way to do this, I thought I’d start doing some videos so you can get to know me too. Come and say hello!




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