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    Your Car My Car: The Past and Future of the 240Z

    LAL 909K — the working class hero Before Rahail Tariq, MZR’s visionary director (as Sung calls him) gives Sung and Jess an inspiring tour of the warehouse, he shares one of the most epic stories you’ll ever hear about a 240Z. In the 1970’s, the European world championships were typically dominated by cars like the […] More

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    Your Car My Car: The Mr. Miyagi of the 240Z

    While on location filming F9 in the UK, Sung took a 4 hour drive north to the industrial town of Bradford.  Sung followed Rahail and his 240Z builds on Instagram and felt as if he needed to visit a “cousin I’ve never met.”  They soon discovered that their passion and adoration for old Japanese cars […] More

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    Your Car My Car: What Makes a Movie Car Iconic

    Before Jeff shares with Sung and close friend David Chan several of his prized possessions in his 30,000 square foot Albuquerque compound, they ask him to solve a bet.  David never buys gas at an AMPM Arco station because he feels like it’s “cheap gas.”  On the other hand, Sung doesn’t think it makes a […] More

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    Your Car My Car: Turning Passion into a Career

      For Jeff Allen, family portraits weren’t taken at Sears.  Flipping though childhood photo albums you’ll find toddler Jeff sitting on the hood of a 1967 Chevy Corvette with a triple carb, 427 engine, putting out 435 horsepower.   Growing up his father had a 1957 Chevy that Jeff, still to this day, lovingly refers […] More

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    It’s been over five weeks since the stay-at-home order here in Los Angeles.  Taking a break from the 24 hour, politically charged news cycle, Sung wanted to find a couple gearheads in Wuhan to talk cars, the CoronaVirus, and how to stay positive in a time like this. THE MUSTANG CLUB   The two car […] More

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    The Journey of Han: From Better Luck to The Fast and The Furious

    Sung Kang sat down with LA Times writer Jen Yamato where they discussed the inception of the Han character in BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, his evolution into the FAST franchise, how the character’s death and resurrection affected Sung personally…and finally, where the eating fetish came from. To prep for this deep dive, it’s better to ask […] More

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    The Fugu Z Idea: Behind the Genesis and Journey

    In high school, I would often take a longer route to campus so I could drive by this old 240Z that had been parked on some guy’s property probably since the 80’s.  I always loved those cars, and one day I knocked on the guy’s door and asked him if he was willing to sell […] More

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    Justice for Han: Looking Back at the Social Media Campaign that Keeps Han Alive

    Justice For Han…FINALLY Los Angeles Times Reporter Jen Yamato didn’t know Sung Kang personally, but along with many people around the globe, they shared a connection: the love for the Han Seoul-Oh character from the FAST & FURIOUS franchise. It was after seeing Yamato’s makeshift vigil when Han was killed in FAST & FURIOUS: TOKYO […] More

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    Sung Kang’s Next Car Build is a Nod to the Future and Past

    It’s 2020. A new decade. A new FAST & FURIOUS film around the corner. And on the horizon, a new car build for Sung Kang. The type of car is still being debated. The only thing known for certain is that it will be an EV conversion, similar to the 280Z we covered earlier. When […] More

  • Sung Kang Project Underdog Driver Rear Angled

    Project Underdog: Hope, Mentorship, and Inspiration

    Kang created Project Underdog in an effort to give back.  He, along with SEMA and Pennzoil handpicked three young car enthusiasts from Alhambra High School and teamed them up with industry pros to restore a 1972 Ford Maverick.   Not only would these lucky teens be given firsthand knowledge and experience in completely transforming this iconic […] More