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    Your Car My Car: Sean Lee from Purist Group

    The RX-7 is one of Mazda’s most legendary vehicles. Not only did it star in the first-ever Fast and Furious film, but it also encompasses the Japanese marque’s rich history of motorsport within its powertrain. The RX-7’s rotary engine, although tainted by its unreliability, will always hold a place at the peak of motoring innovation. […] More

  • 1963 Datsun L320 Oppa

    Next Sung Kang Build: Best Suggestions for Oppa from Fans

    Sung Kang recently took to his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles to ask you what ideas you had for his new project car, the Datsun 320 named Oppa. Specifically, he asked you about the paint color, the radio, and a hood scoop, but also asked you for any other suggestions you guys had. In this […] More

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    5 Considerations Sung Kang Has When Buying a New Car

    As you might have seen from Sung’s Twitter, he’s recently bought a new car. It’s a Datsun 320 that he’s lovingly named Oppa. Make sure you head over to Twitter to keep up to date with the build as Sung and his team progress with it. But what does Sung look for when purchasing a […] More