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    Bruce Lee & The Audacity of Confidence

    The Confidence Game We’re constantly given the advice that confidence is all we need to succeed. The likes of Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, and Muhammad Ali are classic personifications of confidence by which we strive to emulate in the West. Present-day benchmarks include Barack Obama, Jerry Seinfeld, and Connor McGregor. These are men who speak […] More

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    Your Car My Car: Respect Women Who Wrench

    Respect Women Who Wrench The car community is a male-dominated world. Messing around with cars is a guy thing. The garage is a place for us men to escape to our own diesel-punk fantasy lands. We hang out with our bros to tinker, cuss, and create. Well, it turns out women like to tinker, too. […] More

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    Your Car My Car: Humility Builds Community

      Humility Builds Community In March of 2019, actor, director, producer, and famed martial artist Daniel Wu nearly died. After eating a meal, he began to vomit. Chalking it up to food poisoning, he thought his condition would pass with a bit of rest. But as his symptoms worsened, he was rushed to the hospital. […] More

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    Your Car My Car: Slow is the New Fast

    Slow is the New Fast Car builds are intimidating. If you approach your project with the typical corporate mindset of fast, furious, and fatigued, you’ll make needless mistakes that magnify the labor of the job. Slow is the new fast when it comes to wrenching. Approach your build with the eye of a painter and […] More

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    Black Lives Matter

    Black lives matter. It’s a simple statement that stands on its own. Without any context the sentence is pure common sense. Of course Black lives matter. But when an individual oblivious of context goes on to say, “All lives matter,” the legitimate pain of the Black community is eclipsed by uninformed wordplay ignorant to the […] More

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    Perfect Imperfection: Oppa Update

    The creative process is a mystery. We have no idea what will happen when we sit down at the canvas, or power up the laptop, or step into the spotlight. Human and fallible, our works are always the products of perfect imperfection. Our best intentions are to execute with exact precision and stick to the […] More

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    WHAT TO WATCH: Things We All Have in Common

    When we focus on the things we all have in common, instead of the things that tear us apart, perspective shifts and the world becomes easier to navigate. All the things we took for granted before coronavirus: a smile from a stranger, handshakes, bro hugs. The ability to read people’s facial expressions as we engaged […] More

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    Your Car My Car: The Value of Sharing

    There are days when we aren’t feeling so tough. When we’re not staying strong. Times when we are lost, scared, hopeless – and answers remain elusive. In these most vulnerable moments, it’s important to remember the things that ground us. Get back down to basics and realize the value of sharing. Sharing is a simple […] More

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    Sung Reveals His Favorite Fast and Furious Movie

    What do we really know about Sung? Just like his role as leader of the Susie Boys in Mystery Men, Sung remains an ever-enduring man of mystery. The riddle wrapped in a secret inside of a puzzle, Mr. Kang, recently decided to pull back the curtain in the latest episode of his podcast, Sung’s Garage. […] More

  • Your Car My Car: Finding Peace in Our Passions

    Your Car My Car: Finding Peace in Our Passions

    It’s all just so hard. We have student debt, stressful jobs, family obligations… and now COVID-19 has thrown us all into a tailspin. When life gets overwhelming, we sometimes need to refocus our energy to find peace in our passions. For all the heroes – our doctors, nurses, and medical professionals on the frontlines of […] More

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    Comedies on Netflix: What To Watch As We Stay Home

    MAYOR: “Drebin, I don’t want any more trouble like you had last year on the South Side. Understand? That’s my policy.”   FRANK: “Yes. Well, when I see five weirdos dressed in togas stabbing a guy in the middle of the park in full view of a hundred people, I shoot the bastards. That’s my […] More

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    Asian Representation Edition: Films to Watch as We Stay Home

    Cinema is an art form that most closely resembles magic. Pioneers of the medium such as Georges Melies and Fritz Lang employed literal stage magic techniques in their films. But in contemporary cinema, what we mean by movie magic has little to do with special effects. The magic of a great film lies in its […] More

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