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    Sung Kang’s Latest Build: Meet “Doc” – 1971 Datsun 240z East African Safari homage

    With the world currently in disarray, Sung has adopted a new morning routine to distract himself: scouring through Facebook Marketplace to find gems like Oppa. “Doc”, Sung’s new 1971 Datsun 240z East African Safari rally homage, needs some reviving. There is no better person for the job than the “Doctor” Erick Aguilar.    Prior to […] More

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    Your Car My Car: What Makes a Movie Car Iconic

    Before Jeff shares with Sung and close friend David Chan several of his prized possessions in his 30,000 square foot Albuquerque compound, they ask him to solve a bet.  David never buys gas at an AMPM Arco station because he feels like it’s “cheap gas.”  On the other hand, Sung doesn’t think it makes a […] More

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    Your Car My Car: Turning Passion into a Career

      For Jeff Allen, family portraits weren’t taken at Sears.  Flipping though childhood photo albums you’ll find toddler Jeff sitting on the hood of a 1967 Chevy Corvette with a triple carb, 427 engine, putting out 435 horsepower.   Growing up his father had a 1957 Chevy that Jeff, still to this day, lovingly refers […] More

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    WHAT TO WATCH: Movie Theaters as Church

    As the United States percolates with anger from centuries of civil unrest, it becomes all the more important for the more vulnerable of us to stay indoors. Compounded by the ever-present threat of Coronavirus, it becomes almost imperative to find a place isolated from all of the goings of the world. For the crew here, […] More

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    Black Lives Matter

    Black lives matter. It’s a simple statement that stands on its own. Without any context the sentence is pure common sense. Of course Black lives matter. But when an individual oblivious of context goes on to say, “All lives matter,” the legitimate pain of the Black community is eclipsed by uninformed wordplay ignorant to the […] More

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    Perfect Imperfection: Oppa Update

    The creative process is a mystery. We have no idea what will happen when we sit down at the canvas, or power up the laptop, or step into the spotlight. Human and fallible, our works are always the products of perfect imperfection. Our best intentions are to execute with exact precision and stick to the […] More

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    Your Car My Car: Delivery Service

    For those of us whose cooking skills begin and end with a microwave, another necessary month of shelter-in-place probably means ordering a lot of delivery. And in this time of social distancing – now more than ever – the essential service delivery drivers provide has become more apparent than ever. This week on Sung’s Garage, […] More

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    Your Car My Car: Sean Lee from Purist Group

    The RX-7 is one of Mazda’s most legendary vehicles. Not only did it star in the first-ever Fast and Furious film, but it also encompasses the Japanese marque’s rich history of motorsport within its powertrain. The RX-7’s rotary engine, although tainted by its unreliability, will always hold a place at the peak of motoring innovation. […] More

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    It’s been over five weeks since the stay-at-home order here in Los Angeles.  Taking a break from the 24 hour, politically charged news cycle, Sung wanted to find a couple gearheads in Wuhan to talk cars, the CoronaVirus, and how to stay positive in a time like this. THE MUSTANG CLUB   The two car […] More

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    Your Car My Car: The Value of Sharing

    There are days when we aren’t feeling so tough. When we’re not staying strong. Times when we are lost, scared, hopeless – and answers remain elusive. In these most vulnerable moments, it’s important to remember the things that ground us. Get back down to basics and realize the value of sharing. Sharing is a simple […] More

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    Sung Reveals His Favorite Fast and Furious Movie

    What do we really know about Sung? Just like his role as leader of the Susie Boys in Mystery Men, Sung remains an ever-enduring man of mystery. The riddle wrapped in a secret inside of a puzzle, Mr. Kang, recently decided to pull back the curtain in the latest episode of his podcast, Sung’s Garage. […] More

  • Your Car My Car: Finding Peace in Our Passions

    Your Car My Car: Finding Peace in Our Passions

    It’s all just so hard. We have student debt, stressful jobs, family obligations… and now COVID-19 has thrown us all into a tailspin. When life gets overwhelming, we sometimes need to refocus our energy to find peace in our passions. For all the heroes – our doctors, nurses, and medical professionals on the frontlines of […] More

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