Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About Upcoming Hobbs & Shaw 2
Written by Alex Harrington

Dwayne Johnson has revealed that he wants his Hobbs & Shaw spinoff movies to be something very different to the main films of the Fast and Furious franchise.

He said the following to SiriusXM:

“When it comes to Hobbs and Shaw, which we loved and loved making that movie, there’s an idea that I had that I called [Universal Pictures chairwoman] Donna Langley, called our writer Chris Morgan, our producer Hiram Garcia, and I said, ‘I have this idea and this direction for [Hobbs and Shaw 2],’

“And I pitched, and it would be, without giving it away… it would be the antithesis of what Fast & Furious movies generally are in that they continue to go on and go on and go on.”

“In this case, I wanted to and still want to do the quintessential Hobbs movie that, again without giving it away, that you watch a man walk off into the sunset… I said, ‘We have an opportunity here to go against the grain and let’s disrupt things a little bit and let’s create a movie within the Fast & Furious world that is unexpected,'” Johnson continued.

Since 2011’s Fast Five, Johnson has played the character of Luke Hobbs, who was initially the film’s fighting force against Dom Toretto before he made a quick handbrake turn to start helping the team to take down drug kingpin Hernan Reyes.

The Rock returned for the next three films, and while he didn’t join the Fast team as a petrol head with skills behind the wheel to challenge those of Lewis Hamilton, he did bring a lot more muscle. Then, in a spinoff film, he was joined by our favourite British Transporter, Jason Statham – ex-special forces agent turned mercenary Deckard Shaw. And while this film still had a strong backbone of cars, it was much similar to that of Mission: Impossible. I enjoyed it.

Hobbs & Shaw was not as well-received or as highly praised as other Fast & Furious movies, but it was still received averagely well and, of course, made a big profit with a $760 million income at the box office. Because of this, Johnson claims that Hobbs & Shaw 2 has what he calls the “Moses Effect,” which allows him to clear other projects the actor is working on while taking top priority.

However, before the second instalment of Hobbs & Shaw can be finished, producer Morgan must finish his work on Red One, an original winter holiday-themed film with Johnson reuniting with his Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and The Next Level director Jake Kasdan.

Before that, though, Johnson’s next movie is Red Notice, which will be released on November 12 on Netflix.


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