Fast 9: Behind The Scenes On Insane Super Bowl Trailer Stunt
Written by Alex Harrington

By now we’ve all seen the new trailer for Fast 9 that was released during the Super Bowl, and we were all blown away by the incredible stunt that involved a Toyota GT86 being pulled through a whisky shop. While it looked like something that could only be achievable through the use of CGI, director Justin Lin actually used practical effects to pull it off. He posted a short behind the scenes video to his Twitter account showing us how it unfurled.

The GT86 was placed on a pulley mechanism which pushed the car through the building while also rolling it in the air before it hits the truck at the end of the line. While it’s only a brief clip spanning a mere four seconds, this single stunt took 8 months of planning, four days of work, 100 people to carry it out, and three cars, which were all wrecked by the time the filming was wrapped.

Obviously, some CGI was involved to add the surrounding buildings, to make the car look like it was driving past the shop when the stunt occurred, and to add more surrounding destruction as the shop looks like it’s about to fall into itself. The truck the car eventually hit was also made to look like it had a moment on only two wheels, too, which wasn’t real.

We’re very excited to see which other stunts have been pulled off so well, but for now, we’ll have to wait until the film is officially released in cinemas on 28 May 2021 in the UK and US.


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