Fast 9 Breaks Records At Box Office After Very Successful Opening
Written by Alex Harrington

Fast 9 has received rave reviews after its release last week, with fans loving how crazy the film is. “Unrealistic, but incredibly fun,” movie-goers shout. But it’s easy to say that. Instead, the numbers speak for themselves as Fast 9 breaks pandemic records for the US and Canada.

It’s the most successful film since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, with it already bringing in $400m worldwide, despite its delay from its 2020 release. Other huge films have also been pushed back from the pandemic, including the new James Bond film, ‘No Time To Die’.

Fast 9 will take you back to a time before even the first film. It explores Dom Toretto’s (played by Vin Diesel) childhood and an unexpected sibling who goes by the name of Jacob (played by John Cena, and the rivalry that spawned between them. On top of this, an old enemy returns in the shape of Cipher, who is able to fund the scheme.

Alongside these stars, the movie features talent such as Dame Helen Mirren, our own Sung Kang returning as Han, and the Drift King himself, Lucas Black.

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