Fast 9 Reveals New And Insane Trailer During The Super Bowl With Plenty Of Destruction
Written by Alex Harrington

While we’ve had to wait longer than we ever thought for the next Fast and Furious movie, us here at Sung’s Garage are certain that it’s more than worth the wait. Originally supposed to be released May last year, it’s not expected this coming May in the UK and US thanks to the effects of the pandemic. Now, during the Super Bowl, we’ve been treated to another trailer for the film which gives us even more of an insight into what goes down when Dom Toretto meets his long lost brother.

“The world has a way of changing”, Vin Diesel says in his dark, echoing voice at the beginning of the trailer, just as Sung Kang’s character Han comes into view reuniting with his family. But soon the trailer becomes much more dramatic with plenty of gear changes, highly modified cars, and the usual actors taking their places.  A NASCAR race is used to reflect what’s going on in the street, as several cars run in pairs in front of a highly armoured truck. Police cars are filmed flying into the air, and even Helen Mirren looks like she gets in on the action behind the wheel of a Noble M600 in a gorgeous purple colour.

Buildings fall, and then we’re treated to the brilliant moment when a Toyota GT86 is pulled through a building before hitting a truck.

Justin Lin gave us an insight into how this 4-second shot was created, with it surprisingly being mostly practical effects. It took 8 months to plan, four days to shoot, and over 100 people were involved. Three cars were used for the stunt but sadly didn’t make it to the other side.

Yep, there’s a lot of destruction in this one as you can see, there are plenty of cars, and plenty of talk about family and maybe even some Corona. The beer, that is.

Are you excited? We are!


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