Fast 9: Where Has Jakob Toretto Been All This Time?
Written by Alex Harrington

Fast 9 open up the timeline prior to the first ever Fast and Furious film. It looks back to the details of how Dom Toretto’s father died, and the reason behind it. Explained in the first film, released in 2001, Dom’s father died in a car crash during a stock car race in 1989 after the car he was driving crashed and burst into flames. What we didn’t know, is that Dom’s long lost brother Jakob was involved.

During the race, Jack’s car was clipped by another car, leading to a serious crash and the eventual death of its driver. Dom, seeing this, assaulted the driver apparently responsible, and on beating him to an inch away from death, was sent to prison. Here, he meets Leo and Santos, and learns that such a thing is only really possible when a few line is purposefully cut, and he realises that Jakob was working on the car before it went out.

Dom assumes it was Jakob’s fault, and challenges him to a street race when he gets out of prison. The loser would have to leave town and never look back. Of course, Dom wins, banishing Jakob.

Now, Jakob returns for revenge while hunting for Project Aries, a weapon so powerful it can control any weapons system on the planet. Further into the film, it turns out that Jakob has been working for Mr Nobody, too, before turning rogue. This is where he admits that his father knew about the damage to the fuel lines, admitting that his father asked him to purposefully throw the race because he was in huge amounts of debt and needed money. He never meant for the crash to become fatal.

Dom and Jakob end up working together in the final part of the film, eventually destroying Project Aries, while trying, but failing to take down Cipher (played by Charlize Theron). And while they make up, Jakob doesn’t get an invite to the final barbecue… Maybe that’s in the next film.






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