Fast and Furious 9 Is Getting Even More Scenes And Bonus Content In Extended Cut
Written by Alex Harrington

Did you think there was enough action in Fast and Furious 9 as it is? Well, have we got a treat for you. Fast 9 is getting even crazier with an extended cut coming to the 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD releases.

These are due for release on September 21, only two weeks after the digital release of the film, and will feature both the version you saw in cinemas and an extended cut named F9: The Director’s Cut.

Alongside these 7 minutes of extra scenes, you’ll get over an hour of bonus material. These will show “a deepened sibling rivalry between Dom and Jakob, more of Dom’s evolution as a father, a never-before-seen-flashback featuring some of the franchise’s most beloved characters, extended sequences featuring Tej and Roman, an additional Cardi B appearance, and an expanded action climax featuring the infamous Armadillo tank”, according to Collider.

What was your favourite part of Fast 9 so far? Let us know!



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