Fast and Furious 9: Stunt Was Removed From Film After Being Too Expensive To Produce
Written by Alex Harrington

Justin Lin, co-writer and director of Fast and Furious 9, has revealed in a recent interview that a stunt had to be removed from the film because it was simply too expensive to carry out.

This ambitious stunt involved the Pontiac Fiero, that was built by Lucas Black’s character Sean Boswell, taking off into space from a weather balloon. Unfortunately, it was cut out because it was just too expensive, and the people behind the finances of the film vetoed it out of existence.

Justin was so interested in pulling off this stunt, however, that he was tempted to pay for it himself.

“The cost kept coming in, I kept fighting it,” Lin told Slash Film. “And if I’m looking back now, that is the one setup that I would have personally paid for the weather balloon.

“I just always love starting any crazy idea with truly doing it ourselves. We had a lot of reference to work off of, but if you’re asking me personally, that that was one that I was adamant [about]. But the budget – I think even on big budgets – I felt like we found the limit of what we can do.”

As you can see from the trailer, something very similar eventually made it into the film, but it wasn’t exactly what Lin wanted for the film.


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