Fast And Furious Brian’s Eclipse Explosion: How Was It Done?
Written by Alex Harrington

The Fast and The Furious Mitsubishi Eclipse was one of the first cars to ever be involved in the Fast franchise, and with its bright green paint job and iconic stickers lining its sides, it’s become one of the most memorable cars of the series.

Unfortunately, thanks to a few light machine guns, the Eclipse met a sticky end when it was destroyed after its very first street race. It went up in flames thanks to all the nitrous Paul Walker’s character Brian O’Connor shoveled into the import.

But how was it done? Craig Lieberman, the brains behind The Fast and Furious cars, gives us insight via his YouTube channel.

Craig talks us through exactly what goes into making such a scene. It begins with the car being stripped of everything flammable such as the gas tank carpeting, and insulation. A lot of the running gear had to go, too, because they wanted the car to be lifted by the explosion so it had to be light weight. In fact, the car was stripped almost entirely to remove as much weight as possible, to the point where the doors were being kept closed by bicycle lock-type cables. Internal strengthening was used however to keep the car in one piece as the explosion occurred.

The car was then coated in flammable chemicals to allow the fire to spread, and the initial flames were produced by a fire bar fueled by propane. You can see evidence of this as the fire spreads across the car, and even across the road, and compared to the fire within th ecar, it’s a different colour.┬áLooking closely at the footage of the explosion, you can also see the outline of an air cannon that was also used to launch the car upwards.

Unfortunately, Dom’s warning of “NOS!” wasn’t realistic, as while nitrous oxide is combustible, it isn’t flammable, so doesn’t produce this type of explosion. It was cool though…


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