Fast And Furious Is Being Turned Into A Board Game
Written by Alex Harrington

With the UK lockdown looming on forcing the public to stay in their homes, board games have definitely been pulled out from their dusty cupboards and assembled on tabletops across the country. I’ve been playing a lot of chess, because I’m incredibly boring, but if I’d seen this coming, I would have thrown my money at it.

Funko Games has announced that it’s releasing a Fast and Furious board game, along with a host of others such as a sports-trivia/dexterity game mashup based on ESPN and a new all-ages match game using Disney Princess characters. I, obviously, will be focussing on the Fast boardgame, which asks players to pull off their very own heist just like you’ve seen on the big screen.

The game will cost $30, and will include a selection of little plastic cars that you’ll use to pull off stunts and other forms of vehicular carnage. At least, as carnage as you can get on a board game. It seats 2 to 4 players, with each player choosing a character from the films to play as. This includes Dom, Brian, Roman, and Letty, and several others. The roll of a dice will choose what stunt you make or what direction your cars will turn in during the game.

Within the game you’ll be asked to play three different scenarios covering ramming a semi-truck to access its treasures, stopping a tank, and bringing down a helicopter. Within this, your driver and vehicle stats will allow players to access different abilities and skills, giving the game another layer of playability.

I’m not sure how I feel about these types of films being turned into a game. It feels a bit cash cow to me, but hey, who knew that the Fast Saga was going to turn into what it is now, and who says it can’t build a board game empire ontop of the already successful series?




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