Fast and Furious: Jordana Brewster Could Be Getting A Well-Deserved Spinoff Film
Written by Alex Harrington

In 2019, Vin Diesel teased an all-female cast spinoff Fast and Furious movie, and now in 2021, Jordana Brewster is still showing a great interest in such a thing.

Speaking in a SiriusXM Town Hall to promote the upcoming Fast film, she said “it would be awesome” to have an all-female cast. “I’ve heard those rumors. Yeah, I think that would be incredible.”

She even lists the cast she’d love to see join her.

“Think about all the people we could bring back,” Brewster said. “Right. We could bring back Eva Mendes, who’d be incredible to work with. There’s Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron, really throw in Nathalie [Emmanuel], me, and Michelle [Rodriguez]. It would be really, really cool. So, I can’t speak to the discussions, but I, I think it would be awesome. So fingers crossed.”

Talking to Collider, she also admitted that Fast and Furious 4 wasn’t a favourite for the actress, explaining that she doesn’t look back on it “super fondly.” She continues:

“I’ve seen 5 again, I’ve seen 1 again, I haven’t rewatched 4, but to me it’s very grey. It’s set in LA, Paul’s in a suit, I’m in this red dress and I have bangs and I’m just very sad and pissed off at him. I just feel like I don’t remember that one super fondly. It’s 5 that sticks out for me, 9’s gonna stick out now because 9’s really, really good and I get a little more action. I love being part of the action. I don’t just like being a talking head, talking with the boys. It’s fun to get in there and get dirty.”

Jordana explained how she was happy with how she kept her character, Mia, grounded in the first film, with her maintaining a tough side to the character.

“I think I lost that as the franchise evolved, and I was kind of prissy in 4 and then back to really knowing what I want in 5 and I tried to retain that in 9 because it’s really important to me that Mia’s very centered and grounded, and I lost sight of that in 4,” Brewster said. “But also, it was [a] reintroduction to everyone.”

Fast 9 will open in theatres on the 25th July.


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