Fast & Furious 9 Mix Has Officially Finished Before 2021 Release
Written by Alex Harrington

We’ve been waiting for Fast and Furious 9 for a long time, with its release date being pushed back to 2021 thanks to the dreaded current pandemic alongside other films like No Time to Die and Black Widow.

Thanks to social distancing regulations, production slowed down massively, but according to Justin Lin on Instagram, reposted by Sung Kang, the film mix is officially wrapped.

“#F9 mix officially finished! Huge thank you to the best crew the world for working through such unprecedented times flawlessly,” Justin wrote.

The ‘mix’ refers to the audio of the film, and is usually one of the last parts of the film to be finished before it’s ready for release, but of course, it’s unlikely the film will be released any time soon while the pandemic still lingers. Thankfully, a second film will be following as soon as possible, wrapping up the franchise with one hell of a bang.

We’re so excited to see where the next film takes us, especially with Han returning to save the day…


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