Fast & Furious 9: Watch The Behind The Scenes Of Vehicular Warfare
Written by Alex Harrington

The tenth instalment of the Fast and Furious Saga is almost on top of us, and it’s safe to say we’re very excited for Fast 9. And now we’ve been treated to a behind the scenes trailer of the movie which shows that not all of it is CGI. Maybe that’s not so surprising when you consider the budget behind these later films, but a lot of it is real physical effects. Take a look at the video below.

As you can see, the film heavily revolves around pushing the limits even further than the previous film, with a lot of the stunts being real. And while the movie doesn’t take itself so seriously – no longer does real-life physics always have to add up, it’s amazing seeing the realism behind these crazy stunts.

Thankfully, Fast 9 won’t be the last film from the Fast and Furious franchise, with a couple of others already confirmed, so there will be plenty more stunts for us to feast our eyes on. But Fast 9 will be “by far the most ambitious film of the series,” according to director Justin Lin.


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