Fast & Furious 9 Will Bring Back One Very Important Character From Han’s Past
Written by Alex Harrington

Fast and Furious 9 has been pushed back to 26 May 2021 thanks to the pandemic, but despite this, we’ve had access to the trailer for almost a year now. This has allowed websites to analyse the footage to within an inch of its life, but yet no one has identified a major character that links to the history of our very own Sung Kang, or more specifically, his character Han.

For many, Han’s story started in Tokyo Drift, with his connections to Dom Toretto being explained further in the following Fast films. But behind the world of Fast and Furious, Han’s character was first developed in another Justin Lin film, Better Luck Tomorrow. Named as the best Asian American film of all time by the LA Times, this film follows four Asian Americans as they enter the world of crime at a young age. This was the spiritual beginning for Sung’s character, but Better Luck Tomorrow co-star Jason Tobin also followed Sung Kang as he entered the world of drifting and street racing.

He plays Earl in Tokyo Drift and as part of Han’s team, he can often be found joking with the other members, especially Sean as you can see in the deleted footage below:

Now, with Han returning to Fast 9, Earl will be following along with Lucas Black as Sean to continue their stories after the events of Tokyo Drift.

Jason has other ties to Justin Lin, too. He stars in Warrior, a series produced by Justin Lin from an original idea from Bruce Lee. It follows the story of Ah Sahm, played by Andrew Koji, who is a Chinese martial artist who dives into the criminal underworld of San Francisco to look for his lost sister. Tobin plays Ah Sahm’s best friend, “Young Jun” the son of a gang leader. It mixes brilliant writing and impressive martial arts, and its second season aired on Cinemax last year. Find the trailer below:

Earl is a very important part of Han’s history in Fast and Furious, and we can’t wait to see him again on the big-screen acting alongside his Tokyo Drift brother.


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