Formula Drift Driver Ken Gushi Explains The Secret To Doing The Perfect Drift
Written by Alex Harrington

Drifting is one of the fastest growing motorsports in the world right now, and after a successful 2020 season despite the coronavirus pandemic throwing a spanner in the works, the 2021 season is already showing signs of being another great year.

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But with the sport being so popular, a lot of us, including me, are wondering how you can get into the sport yourself, or at least start drifting. In the most recent Sung’s Garage Podcast, I asked Formula Drift legend Ken Gushi how to start from the bottom.

“The best advice I can give someone is to find similar people that are just as passionate as you are about drifting, because those people who are passionate, I mean, they can only offer you the best advise.

“Just have fun, buy a cheap rear-wheel-drive car, go to your local drifting event, because now, pretty much across the nation, across the globe, matter of fact, there’s drifting events everywhere all over private carparks, circuits tracks.

Ken explains that times have changed, and unlike when he started drifting where he’d have to find somewhere away from the city to practice, there are lots of resources available to drivers who are wanting to shred some rubber.

Later on in the podcast I pointed out that Sung should learn ho to drift like his Fast character Han. At this point, Ken explains a key thing you should do when you begin drifting.

“The most important thing is where you’re looking, right? So your focal point. So we start doing donuts which is obviously the basic first step.

“And I’d tell him, ‘hey Sung’, ┬áthere’s a cone in the middle and we’re gonna do donuts around it, keep your eye on the cone. That way he can stay consistently in that same radius and actually feel the car relative to what he’s looking at.

“And I’ll tell him, ‘now look away from the cone,’ and as he does that he’ll notice some changes with the characteristics of what’s happening and whatnot. Basic fundamentals: keep your eyes where you want to go.”

He explains that the next step is doing figure eights, and how to do this is by shifting your focal point to another place on the track.

This, plus always giving it 100%, will be your first step into the world of drifting. I better get practicing!


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