Forza Horizon 5 Is Here And Looks Fast And Furious As Cars Drop From Cargo Plane
Written by Alex Harrington

We here at Sung’s Garage are huge fans of the Forza Horizon series of games. But now Playground Games has released Forza Horizon 5 gameplay, and it’s blown us away, to say the least.

This next game of the series takes place in Mexico, and as you can see from the video they’ve released, the landscape is very diverse. It begins behind the wheel of the new Ford Bronco Badlands, but what really took our eye was the incredible scenery below. I say ‘below’ because the car is dropped from a cargo plane. And in pure Fast and Furious style, the car drifts towards the snow-coated mud via parachute.

We’re thrown straight into a race down the La Gran Caldera Volcano, which will later be used for the battle-royale-style Eliminator game modes, and as you reach flat ground, the snow dissipates and we’re left with dust, rock, and sand. Eventually, after some death-defying jumps, we land in the middle of a Baja race. This is where we leave the Ford and instead join a Corvette C8, again in the back of a plane.

Again, we parachute to the ground and hit the tarmac at speed before heading down a dirt road. There looks to be a lot of off-roading in this game and the road only gets more hazardous as the American supercar hits a dust storm. These will be found naturally during Free Roam, and will be part of scripted races throughout the career.

Next up is a Porsche 911 “Desert Flyer”. It’s dropped into a rainforest where it tears up the wet mud beneath its off-road tyres and seamlessly weaves its way through gorgeous scenery. Flamingos scatter and waterfalls crash in the distance. It’s a spectacular looking area, made only better when the plane flies overhead.

Finally, the hero car of the series makes its entrance – a Mercedes-AMG Project One. It reverses out of the cargo plane hold and hits the road at full pelt as it and several other high calibre cars such as a Ford GT, Koenigsegg Jesko, and a Pagani Zonda, race towards the Horizon Festival.

The release date of the game currently sits on 9th November, and on release players will have access to “hundreds” of cars. “More than we’ve had at launch in any previous game,” according to creative director Mike Brown.

Thanks to a later release date and three years worth of development, the team has also made some changes to the driving physics:

“We’ve completely rebuilt the way suspension works – you might think that might make it more challenging, but the realism improves the accessibility,” Brown said. “Braking is another area where we’ve been able to improve the physical simulation – the pads will grab the breaks in a more gradual way rather than locking up, and again this is more accessible.”

I’m sat here wondering how many Fast and Furious cars we can make… maybe when the game comes out we can find out for you?


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