Hear The New Nissan Z Sports Car Roar In New Teaser
Written by Alex Harrington

In the last week, we’ve learned plenty about the new Nissan Z sports car thanks to a number of teasers from the Japanese marque. Today, we’ve been given the most important one yet. In a video released only hours ago, we’re able to hear the new Z roar into life for the first time.

Okay fine, this isn’t entirely true. The incoming Z is technically a prototype, but we’re sure a lot of this design will be carried over to the production car which is likely to be coming next year. And Nissan is obviously getting very excited about the revival of one of its most legendary names as they’ve been showering us in teasers left, right, and centre.

The video above gives us a good idea of what’s coming. There’s a low-mounted gearstick for a good ol’ DIY manual gearchange, and what also might please purists… a manual handbrake (or e-brake for those across the pond). Yes guys, this thing is going to be a drift machine from the get-go!

We’re also treated to a shot of the rear of the car, which sports rear light of a similar design to the twin-turbo 300ZX, and five double spoke designed alloy wheels finished in black and surrounded by tyres featuring Z lettering on their sidewalls. On top of that, to clearly define a reboot of the name, a new Z logo is also given to us at the end of the video.

But let’s focus on that engine sound for a moment. Rumour has it that this new Z will be powered by a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6, and yes I think the engine note does indeed sound like a V6, I’m not sure if I can hear any evidence of a turbo. However, these sound clips are so limiting that I definitely can’t draw a definite conclusion from the video alone.

This new Z will be “powerful,” “iconic” and “retro”, and we’re so excited to see what this really means.


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