Here’s An Update On Sung Kang’s Datsun 240Z ‘DocZ’
Written by Alex Harrington

We’ve walked you through the plans for Sung Kang’s beloved Datsun 240Z, DocZ. But now the Fast and Furious actor is really beginning to push forward with his build. Here’s an update as to where he’s got to so far.

Painting, painting, and painting

DocZ is getting finished in a gorgeous red paint colour. Not only that, but the car’s been given a subtle Koi fish graphic in respect to Sung’s family. Take a look at it being prepped and painted below.

Engine rebuild

The L24 engine of this gorgeous 240Z had new pistons and rods fitted by Erick’s Racing Engines earlier this year. This means that the 2.4-litre straight-4 powerhouse should be making power much closer to the factory-fresh 151 horsepower.

The finishing touches

She’s slowly coming back together now, and in this video you can really see that gorgeous paint shine with the Koi fish coming to life underneath.

She’s even getting all-new brake lines. After all, it’s never a bad idea to be doubly safe.

After this, the underside parts of the car were given a shine. This came in the form of sandblasting and powder coating in a beautiful sparkling gold colour.



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