How Did Sung Kang’s Han Survive The Crash From Tokyo Drift? [SPOILERS]
Written by Alex Harrington

There’s been one question that’s been plaguing fans’ minds since they first realised Sung Kang is returning as Han in Fast 9. How did Han survive?

Fast 9 sees the return of the fan-favourite character, and after the #JusticeForHan movement on social media, we’re very happy to see it. We last saw Han in Fast and Furious 6 before we see him being killed off in an end of credits sequence thanks to Deckard Shaw. This added an extra layer to the story of Tokyo Drift, but how did Sung survive?

Well, spoilers ahead!!

It turns out that Deckard Shaw was an agent for Mr Nobody, brilliantly played by Kurt Russell, but he’d gone rogue thanks to the death of his brother. Fast 9 brings us a new scene to add to this drama, as Mr Nobody watches over the crash from a rooftop alongside the real Han. It turns out that Han faked the crash with help from Mr Nobody in order to get him out of harm’s way. They’d met through Gisele who had also been working for him beforehand.

Thankfully, this means Han will be returning for the next set of films, and according to director Justin Lin, he could we be getting a spinoff. Listen to what Justin said in our recent Sung’s Garage Podcast below:





Han said the following to about how he might get his revenge on Shaw:

“Well, I mean, all kidding aside, Han has lost his love and there’s revenge from his side. He needs that. But the question is, how does a person or a man like Han enact his revenge? Is it by force or is it psychological? Is it emotional? What is it? I think that’s what I’m looking for to is how is that face-off approached? Is it traditional?”

“Because I don’t think one-on-one that he’s going to take Deckard Shaw. I mean, Deckard Shaw is Jason Statham. He knows martial arts. Han doesn’t. He knows no martial arts. I know for a fact, because Sung Kang knows no martial arts. If I know no martial arts, Han knows no martial arts. Han’s a lover. He’s not the fighter.”

Have you seen the film yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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  1. Meg Silva

    Really , the version for Han Lue ‘s return to the franchise , did not convince me ! I expected more creativity and a little more realism ! I participated in #justiceforhan and did not expect to be resuscitated, but that justice would be done for his death ! Of course I was happy to see my beloved Sung Kang back, but I expected more ! Han is the drift guy , he ‘s the guy with good advice ! Suddenly , he was turned into a passionate character , he doesn’t match the original conqueror Han , the one all girls wanted ! May justice be done for his death, as the family left him for Shaw ! In the credits, it really gave me hope of justice ! I hope Justin Lin doesn’t let me down in the next Fast and Furious !