Jordana Brewster To Share A Scene With Michelle Rodriguez For The First Time In F9
Written by Alex Harrington

Ddi you know that Jordana Brewster, who plays Mia Toretto, and Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Letty Ortiz, have never shared a conversation on-screen? The two characters, despite being sisters-in-law, have never had that much in common, with Mia always taking a back seat in the action and Letty being by the side of Dom Toretto the majority of the time.

Well, the upcoming Fast and Furious 9 film will put this right, with the two characters having their relationship explored in a number of scenes as we’ve seen in the trailer. Jordana talked to Insider about this


“Michelle’s always been very outspoken about not doing anything that isn’t true to character, and that means not placating the guys, that means not playing second fiddle to the guys,” she began.

“I think the franchise has always represented diversity, it’s always represented the world as it is and not as Hollywood sees it. We’ve done that from the very beginning, and I think we’ve always reflected really strong female characters.

“And we have ramped it up, and I do think specifically on 9, Justin [Lin] and Michelle were very conscious of giving Letty and Mia… Michelle [Rodriguez] was like, ‘Dude, we’ve never had a scene together. We’re always secondary with the guys. We don’t interact. We have a sisterhood. We need to explore this,'” she remembered.

“I’m really grateful that we got a chance to do that. Hopefully, we’ll continue to explore it because there’s so much to unearth there.”

Rodriguez has always been pushing her female character away from the stereotypical ‘trophy girlfriend’. She told Entertainment Weekly that she “had to school them”.

“‘I know you guys like Hollywood and all that,”she told them. “But if you want it to be realistic, this is how it really works, and I’m not going to be a slut in front of millions of people, so you’re going to lose me if you don’t change this.’ And they figured it out.”

Excited to see action from the girls of the franchise? We can’t wait.


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