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Justice for Han: Looking Back at the Social Media Campaign that Keeps Han Alive
Written by Alex Harrington

Justice For Han… FINALLY

Sungs Garage Podcast with Jen YamatoLos Angeles Times Reporter Jen Yamato didn’t know Sung Kang personally, but along with many people around the globe, they shared a connection: the love for the Han Seoul-Oh character from the FAST & FURIOUS franchise.

It was after seeing Yamato’s makeshift vigil when Han was killed in FAST & FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT, and hearing about her pushing the #justiceforhan movement that Kang reached out and invited her to his garage to talk shop.

Going way back, Yamato used to throw FAST & FURIOUS themed BBQs to coincide with the release of the films:

“The first one was simply FAST & FURIOUS BBQ. The second was 2FAST2BBQ. The 3rd one was obviously called FAST & FURIOUS: BBQ DRIFT.”

But, “BBQ Drift” had a particularly solemn theme. After witnessing the death of Han, Yamato recreated a memorial photo of the beloved character, adorned with white flowers and stuck it on a stand to greet her incoming guests.

What a bummer. That is, until director Justin Lin flipped the script on the timeline. This allowed crowd favorite Han to come back for several more installments in the FAST & FURIOUS saga, until finally coming to an end when it was revealed that Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) was behind Han’s death at the end of FAST & FURIOUS 6.

Photo Courtesy BenDavid Grabinski

This ​seemed​ like a fitting end to Han’s character, and at the same time a pretty epic entrance to super-villain Deckard Shaw. Case closed, right? It would’ve been except Shaw went from villain-to-hero at supersonic speed and was thus welcomed into the FAST & FURIOUS family with open arms.

That begged the question: ​um, where’s the justice for Han’s death?!

“I think people just wanted to hold that character in their heart in a way that felt satisfying…and to see what appeared to not be satisfying come subsequently to that character’s legacy, felt off. It felt counter to what that franchise had come to represent to a lot of people…”

Yamato goes on, and this time, she gets personal:

“Since FAST 8 came out I made a rule that no matter what, Jason Stathan is not welcome at this particular BBQ. Much respect to him as a person and actor, but until there is Justice for Han in this Universe, I can’t in good conscience welcome him into my family BBQ…”

Well, good news folks, it looks like a Stathan-friendly BBQ may be on the horizon after the release of the FAST 9 trailer.

Kidding aside, this goes much deeper than grilling meat and drinking beer with friends:

“FAST & FURIOUS is arguably the most inclusive global franchise that we have right now and it means a lot to see characters of color honored within that franchise.”

Looks like once and for all, we will have Justice For Han. Check out Yamato’s and Kang’s full conversation here:


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