Latest Fast 9 Trailer Highlights The Strong Women In The Furious Franchise
Written by Alex Harrington

Now we’re getting so close to the release of Fast 9, yet another trailer has hit the screens, but this time it’s devoted to the strong female talent of the franchise. The Fast and Furious franchise has always been about family, regardless of background, race, or gender, and this new trailer emphasises just how powerful the women involved in Fast 9 are.

The trailer begins with Letty, played by Michelle Rodriguez, as she causes havoc on a dirtbike. Letty has always been the most prominent female character of the film, acting as Dom’s moral compass, but more importantly, she’s a badass fighter, driver, and a character who pushes the story forward as she takes on the role of mum to Dom’s son. This upcoming film will also feature Jordana Brewster as Mia much more than in previous films, and we’re so excited to see more of her character and see what damage she can do.


“The Fast and Furious franchise is kinda unique,” Jordana tells the camera as the actors talk about how the female talent in the films. “It really sheds light on the female voice in action movies,” adds Michelle.


We’re then shown a shot of all the women involved, including Charlize Theron who returns as Cipher,  Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey, and Helen Mirren who is set to show off her driving skills. That, I am very excited for.

Unfortunately, we should have seen this girl power come together last year, but COVID-19 forced the film to be pushed back multiple times. But the time is nearing when we’ll finally have Dom and his brother Jacob’s, played by John Cena, history revealed to us.

Magnets? Check. Huge stunts? Check. Huge rockets strapped to a Pontiac Fierro heading to space? Double check. June 25th is gonna be insane.


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    The connection I have 2 this family is on August 31 2002 my brakes mysteriously failed on the 98 Ford Windstar I bought from the dealership I was once employed as a salesman B 4 I could get them fixed. I went through the windshield & spent about a month N the hospital while the now Ex-wife sold almost everything I ever owned N a yard sale, same day I get out of the Hospital N Lima Ohio she’s calling our now deceased mother demanding more than half the check 4 childsupport B 4 the difforce couls proceed, so she took the $3,397.41 Insurance check forges my name & buys my sisters ex-boyfriend she was having an affair with & bought him a car & her son an X-box. I spent 41 days N the hospital & went through allot of rehabilitaion 2 get 2 where I’ve gotten today. I had to go through allot just to get my lisence again. Still a great artist & musician. That is the unfortuniate connection I have W/the Fast N Furious Family.