Meet The New 2021 Toyota GR86 – The Greatest Sports Car Yet?
Written by Alex Harrington

Here at Sung’s Garage, we love a fun car more than a fast car. It’s all about the driving experience, not the numbers under the hood. So when I read the press release on the GR86, I got very excited to share it with you all.

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It’s replacing the outgoing GT86 and plays on the same idea of ‘fun comes first’. This is obvious when you read the spec sheet which includes a naturally-aspirated 2.4-litre from Subaru and a manual transmission.

The engine, a boxer unit that sits low in the chassis, produces 232 horsepower and 184 lb ft of torque, allowing the car to reach 60mph in just 6.3 seconds. That’s over a second faster to 60 than the previous generation. On top of this, it’s 5kg lighter than the previous car, sitting at just 1270kg.

But the engine isn’t what shines brightest on this car – that would be the chassis, which is 50% stronger than the previous gen, allowing the suspension to do more of the work keeping the tyres on the road. These tyres, by the way, wrap around 18-inch wheels and are still playfully narrow. The suspension setup is MacPherson struts at the front and double wishbones at the rear.

Inside the car we get buttons – rightfully so – and a large centre screen for your infotainment. And like the GT86, it seems very driver-centric.

Prices aren’t yet confirmed, but I highly doubt it will breach £30,000, with it instead being only slightly more expensive than the GT86 which sat at £25,000.

While the spec sheet looks very promising, I’m very excited to get behind the wheel to tell you exactly how it drives in real life, but until then, would you rather this or Subaru’s legendary BRZ? Either way, they’re going to be good.


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