New Subaru BRZ Gets The STI, Roadster, And Shooting Treatment By X-Tomi Designs
Written by Alex Harrington

Us here at Sung’s Garage love a cool render, and with the reveal of the new Subaru BRZ being at the top of everyone’s newsfeeds at the moment, we couldn’t help but bring you this design from X-Tomi Design on Facebook. It’s literally been only a week or so since the new BRZ was revealed in all of its glory, and yet it’s already been graphically modified to within an inch of its life.

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While the original car features a naturally-aspirated 2.4 engine producing 228 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque and stays true to its focus on low weight and agility, X-Tomi has seen this as a bed to launch multiple variants, including an STI version, a convertible, and a shooting brake. Let’s begin with the first.

The BRZ has never truly had any STI treatment from Subaru, but we’d love to see the Japanese marque adding a turbo and upping the power to somewhere around 300 horsepower. Of course, they’d have to keep the hood air intake and add a top-mount intercooler like X-Tomi has added in his render. This could make the BRZ a serious contender for the likes of the Porsche Cayman, Audi TT, and maybe even the rare and coveted Alpine A110.

The next design is an obvious one, but with Toyota previously attempting a convertible concept of the GT86 (the BRZ’s sister car), we’re happy to skip this in reality. Removing the roof will only mean more scaffolding will have to be added to the car to maintain its rigidity, and this will reflect badly with an increase in weight over the standard 1,315kg. And although Toyota was keen to note that the centre of gravity will be lower than the standard coupe, the increase in weight would negate the whole point of the car. NEXT!

Finally, the shooting brake. And who doesn’t love a shooting brake? It folds the practicality of a wagon into the sportiness of the original sports car, and while I’d think it would need a bit of extra oomph to push around an increase in weight, I’d happily push that to the back of my mind because it just looks so cool.

So, come on, let me know… Which one would you choose of the three? I’m torn…


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