New Subaru BRZ To Be Revealed This Fall

It’s been confirmed by Subaru USA that the brand new BRZ will be seeing the light of day for all of us to look at this Fall, with an eventual release in 2022. This means that before early December, we’re going to be seeing the new iconic sports car of the people in the flesh. And as you can see from the photo above, it’s looking pretty good so far with a set of the 18-inch alloys from the Toyota GR Yaris.

On top of this, those at Subiefest in California would have seen the car, albeit in camouflage, in its concept form. Thankfully, someone was able to grab a quick photo which has now made the rounds on Instagram. Check it out below:

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The BRZ, which will be created alongside Toyota just like the current car, is rumoured to be taking on a turbocharger under the hood, with the current 2.0-litre engine being swapped out for a 2.4-litre turbocharged unit. This engine, originally found in the Subaru Ascent, will produce 256 horsepower, and will finally give this chassis the power it deserves.

However, contradicting rumours are now hinting that the BRZ will have a naturally aspirated version of this engine producing around 217 horses, with the focus still being on the agility of the chassis and driving experience it creates.

This deduction of forced induction will surely keep the car cheaper, too, lowering the barrier for entry of this sports car while also keep running costs low. This could be preferred by some.

Whatever the car may be, we’ll find out soon enough. Maybe even get our hands on one to give you the major details?

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