Next Sung Kang Build: Best Suggestions for Oppa from Fans

Sung Kang recently took to his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles to ask you what ideas you had for his new project car, the Datsun 320 named Oppa. Specifically, he asked you about the paint color, the radio, and a hood scoop, but also asked you for any other suggestions you guys had. In this piece, we’re going to roundup your ideas, and soon, Sung is going to tell you what the plans are for his new four-wheeled friend. Let’s get into it.


Unsurprisingly, the majority of you wanted to stick with a factory paint color, such as white or the original blue that you can currently see on the car above.





Some fans love the retro vibe that Oppa is currently giving off, though, with its worn paint and characterful exterior. They think that it should simply be clear coated to preserve the stories that the paint is currently telling while also protecting the car from further wear.




It’s clear that the main two options are between maintaining the patina with a clear coat or undergoing a complete respray… what do you think? Make sure you let us know in the comments.

Original Radio

The next question involves the original radio and what to do with it, if anything. It seems as though the majority of you guys want to maintain the classic look, but either wire in something more digital and hide it in the classic shell, or wire in a more modern radio in the glovebox.

David Bratcher had the great idea of wiring something in behind the Datsun logo which can pop out when in use and is hidden when not:

Of course, you guys had to include a great quote from Fast & Furious’ Hobbs:

So it looks like we’re leaning towards keeping it old school? Let us know if you agree in the comments!

Hood Scoop or No Hood Scoop

Our final question revolved around a hood scoop: yes or no? There’s a bit more to know before we jump into this one…

Almost all of you asked if Sung is going to be adding more power as this would greatly affect your opinion on this addition. I can confirm that he will be adding more power if he can.






This idea is also reflected in an idea from Toby Chi who prefers the sleek look of the hood without an intake. However, he does like the idea of a low-profile scoop, especially if it’s needed to aid a higher level of performance.










Eshir Ismael notes that Sung should only install a scoop if it’s functional. If not, then they believe that punched hood vents would look better while also improving cooling.




It’s clear that the majority of you don’t want a hood scoop, with many of you wondering if it would ruin the clean lines of the car.

Current Progress

With all your great suggestions, here’s a “work in progress” of how Oppa looks. This isn’t final but its definitely keeping Sung busy during this sheltering at home with what he has in his garage.

To see the final you’ll have to wait and see what Sung is thinking. His plans will be revealed soon…


  1. Hello Sung!
    I have followed the evolution of Oppa, I believe that you prefer to keep the original color, however, it would not be bad to paint it with new paint, even because it will be in the film!
    It could be the original color but as a new painting!In relation to the radio, functionality has to be taken into account, such as having a modern radio and a GPS.If the hood scoop will help with cooling, then put it on!
    I loved the work done so far, considering that you can’t go out to buy parts! Be safe! Always with you!


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