Nissan 400Z Production Car Spotted – Here Are The Differences
Written by Alex Harrington

We’ve been following the news on the new Nissan 400Z since it was first rumoured, and late last year we were finally treated to Nissan’s official unveiling of its concept.  The idea behind the car sounded really promising. It’s a car built for driving enjoyment, with Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida saying it himself: “The Z, as a pure sports car, represents the spirit of Nissan. The look of this is close to final, and the feel has been engineered for aerodynamics and body rigidity.”

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But, this was at the concept stage, and as history has taught us, production cars vary wildly from what we’re first shown. With what we’re thinking is a production-ready 400Z caught on camera, we’re happy to report that Nissan has stuck by its word, with only minor changes coming to the road-ready version of this car. Let’s get stuck in so I can talk you through all the changes we’ve noticed and what this means for the production car when it’s finally released either later this year, or next.


Let’s start from the rear. As you can see, Nissan has added a rear spoiler, replacing the Fairlady Z badging that was prominent on the concept car. It’s a possibility that this is simply a variant that has an additional wing over the none-wing standard version, but we can’t confirm this. Look below the wing, and you’ll also spot that the rear diffuser is gloss black over the carbon fibre weave that sat proudly on the concept. Again, carbon bits may be added on a NISMO, or higher trim level version of the car.

Moving slightly further forward to the rear flanks of the car and you’ll find an all-too-expected reflector that’s necessary for road-going cars. It really doesn’t intrude too much, and I’m sure the aftermarket will quickly do something about that for customers that aren’t happy with a dash of red. I really don’t think it takes away from the design at all. Looking at the doors, you’ll spot a more prominent door handle design, but unlike the 350Z and 370Z that this car is replacing, it’s painted the same colour as the body.


There are minimal changes to the interior, bar one which stands out like a sore thumb. This car has an automatic gearbox with paddles sat behind the steering wheel for manual gear changes. Thankfully, Nissan is adamant that this car will be released with a six-speed manual gearbox option, so there’s nothing to worry about here.

What’s The Engine?

There are no photos of the 400Z’s engine so far, but Nissan has confirmed that it will be powered by a twin-turbo V6. We’re expecting this to be the VR30DDTT currently used in the Infiniti Q60 that produces 400 horsepower, but with rumours of the car producing 439bhp thanks to Project Cars 3, we’re very interested to find out the official engine spec and power figures.

I’m so sad that the 400Z won’t be making its way to me across the pond in the UK, so maybe I’ll have to make a trip specially for when the car’s closer to being released.


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