Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 With Ultra-Low Mileage In On Sale For $485,000
Written by Alex Harrington

The car made famous by not only its hero-car feature on 2Fast 2Furious, but its legendary Nurburgring success, the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R  V-Spec II Nur is one of the most sought after Japanese cars today. Prices are soaring left, right, and centre, but how high can they go?

This 2002 V-Spec II Nur has only 225 miles on the odometer and is one of the finest examples to hit dealers. For that reason, it’s currently on sale for $485,000 through JDM Expo and boy do I want it. Finished in Millenium Jade and one of only 718 examples built, this car is a rare example of Skyline perfection.

The V-Spec II Nur edition was released for the final model year of the R34 and was an improvement over the already potent V-Spec II that was released on the millennium. It was built for war on the Nurburgring with a weaponised RB26 2.6-litre twin-turbocharged straight-six producing 330 horsepower. Upgraded suspension, brakes, and a carbon fibre bonnet made it a challenger on the ‘Ring that even the greatest cars of that era would struggle to succeed.

This example has been stored for all of its life, meaning it may need some TLC before it’s started for the first time in so long. In fact, it’s so untouched, that it even has the original seat covers on it from when it was purchased. A shame if I say so myself.

Is it worth the money? Well, something’s only worth what someone will pay for it, so we’ll have to see and we’ll keep you updated.


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