Nissan Trademarks ‘Fairlady Z’ Name For America, But It’s Not What You Think
Written by Alex Harrington

A hardcore fan of Nissan cars, specifically the Z line of cars, has taken to the NewNissanZ Forum to tell us that Nissan has done something very interesting. The company has trademarked the name Fairlady Z in America as of July 11th this year.

Now, this is very interesting because America was never treated to this name on the cars imported from Nissan into the States. Instead, they received a mix of numbers and letters. 240Z, for example. Or 350Z. Japanese customers received cars branded Fairlady Z, and this has always been sought after in other countries.

Unfortunately, despite this trademark, I don’t think anything is going to change, as the trademark registration gives us an idea of what it will be used for:

“Tie tacks, cuff links, lapel pins, watches, wall clocks, key rings of precious metal, ornamental badges of precious metal.”

So, I’m not sure the US will be getting a Fairlady Z, unless it’s a piece of jewellery, as Jalopnik joked.

With this in mind then, it looks as though the US will be given a load of memorabilia branded with the Fairlady badge for them to sink their hard-earned cash into. And it’s likely that they’ll be targetting customers of the new Z that’s on its way hopefully soon.

The thing is, is that we here at Sung’s Garage are really big fans of the Z line of sports cars. Sung owns countless 240Zs, I own a 350Z, and we’re both quite fond of memorabilia. So sign us up, Nissan. Take my money!


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