Nissan Z Proto: Everything You Need To Know

The Nissan Z Proto is here, so let’s talk about it.

Released earlier today, this prototype gives us a good idea of how the next generation of Nissan Z sports cars is going to look. Its front-end obviously hints at the long-bonnet of the 240Z with a rearward cab and muscly hips, and the rear takes inspiration from the coveted 300ZX with its angular rear lights. Following the curve of the low-slung roof sits a katana blade – a silver design note that sweeps downwards like the legendary Japanese sword. The sports car is finished in the iconic yellow the 240Z was so well known for, and overall is slightly longer than the outgoing 370Z.

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Under the bonnet sits a twin-turbo V6. The exact powertrain is unknown, but we can only assume it’s the 3.0-litre, 400hp motor from the Infinity brand. This pushes power back to a manual six-speed gearbox, with Nissan ensuring us that this is a sports car, and therefore will focus on the joy and activity of driving. Power is sent to the rear wheels, and its glorious sound is emitted via a twin exhaust.

Inside it’s all rather modern, with a central touchscreen for infotainment and a digital screen behind the steering wheel. Three gauge pods sit on the dashboard, too, presumably for reading boost and temperature and the like.

The car is likely to be pushed into production form next year, or maybe even a year later than that, but some bad news accompanies this, unfortunately. The next Z will not be coming to the UK or Europe thanks to the emissions regulations and “lack of business” in those countries for sports cars. I, for one, am hugely irritated by this… A Japanese import may be on the horizon…

This new car looks like a breath of fresh air for Nissan, who not only seem to be looking forward to the future with new branding and ideas, but also keen on rekindling the love for its original sports car styling and mantra. I’m very sad to hear that it won’t be coming to the UK, but maybe I’ll be able to get my hands on one in the future so I can tell you guys all about it.


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