Nissan Z Proto Reimagined As Shooting Brake By Rain Prisk
Written by Alex Harrington

We here at Sung’s Garage love to highlight the talent of people around the world, and this rendering of the new Nissan Z Proto as a shooting brake by Rain Prisk is just the kind of thing we look out for.

The Nissan Z Proto is the stepping stone to the next generation of Z sports cars from the Japanese car manufacturer. It isn’t the production car, but I’m sure it’s more than likely going to pass on a lot of its powertrain and design to what we expect will be called the 400Z.

But as news on the Z dries up, this has popped up on Facebook:

This shooting brake version of the sports car is only a rendering and has nothing to do with Nissan, but Prisk has produced a car that I think any of us would be willing to use for a long holiday. While it retains its two-seater status, the line of its roof has been carried higher to give more boot (trunk) space, and the Katana line that runs parallel has also been raised to match the roof.

The rear end has also undergone a makeover, with a ducktail spoiler sitting above the rear glass and what seems to be more muscled rear hips. The whole car also seems lower, with different wheels painted a bronze colour, still surrounded by the ‘Nissan Z’ tyre lettering.

Prisk has done a number of other renders, gaining popularity on social media, so I’d like to show you a few of my favourites below.

This Nissan Proto Z 4×4 is brilliant, and makes me want to lift the new Z car myself.

This Rolls Royce Hypercar design certainly looks like it could raise some eyebrows.

A classic icon has been reborn with the talent of Prisk, and taking design cues from the Mustang and Mondeo, this Escort Cosworth looks like something Ford needs to put into production.

I think it’s clear I love this guy’s stuff. Let me know in the comment below if you agree, and what you’d like him to take on next.