Reactions to Fast and Furious 9 Trailer: Han is Alive, Social Media & Sung Kang
Written by Alex Harrington


I love, love, LOVE movie trailers, and even three ‘love’s in a row can’t convey just how much I look forward to seeing them. I can spend hours on YouTube watching them, old and new. I even have a list of favorites!

And yet the anticipation can be very painful.

But for the sake of entertaining you – our dear readers – I waited a WHOLE DAY to watch the Fast & Furious 9 trailer for the first time with Sung to make this reaction video. I hope you all appreciate the hardship I went through.

Some highlights include:

  • The origin of Han’s new haircut
  • Me: “I think after the movie, you’re not gonna be able to go incognito with the short hair either.” Sung: “That’s unfortunate.”
  • Stepping out in Miami at the F9 concert & trailer drop
  • Sung, on seeing that audience: “I would look out and just see people smiling and that kind of comforted and calmed me down.”
  • Reuniting with his Tokyo Drift castmates on the set of F9
  • Sung: “Age is […] the ultimate educator.”
  • Getting the call to return to the Fast Saga

NOT SHOWN: How many times I rewatched the trailer afterwards.

Listen to the full episode below:



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  1. Ashley

    I am so happy you’re doing this podcast/garage/view into your thoughts. I throughly enjoyed your “wiswird” videos when you were doing them, and this is even better. I’m happy Justin found a way to bring you back and continue Han’s story. I think it’s really cool how characters from TD are in F9, it seems like it’s bringing things full circle and really giving those characters a chance to tell their story as well. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves when a franchise doesn’t touch on main characters from other movies, so big thumbs up to Justin for doing that. I’m so incredibly happy you agreed to come back. #justiceforhan #itsaboutdamntime

  2. Kath

    Welcome back Han! If there is anything that I loved about the Fast and the Furious franchise, this is the love for a family ❤ We are being separated by race, age, culture, religion but your major comeback is a visual proof that We are united as one. Thank you for sharing your light to all of us car enthusiast. Thank you for everything. I love Han Lue ❤🚗 excited for F9
    Yeah baby 👍👏💞 more power to you guys!

  3. Ian

    So happy Han’s story is back, and love to see you acting still Sung! Personal favorite character of the FF series. Asian power!