Sung Kang Gets Up Close And Personal With The Nissan Proto Z
Written by Alex Harrington

The Nissan Proto Z was revealed earlier this year to much a fanfare, with us covering the rumours before its reveal, while also covering the live event. Now, we know everything there is to know about the concept Z sports car, but Sung Kang and his friends were able to get up close and personal with a camera just for you guys to enjoy.

The Proto Z is the car that will pave the way to the next Z sports car, more than likely called the 400Z. It’s got a V6 engine hidden under its hood, and probably close to 400 horsepower on tap for its lucky owners. Ths styling has, like many other new cars at the moment, taken a leaf out of the history of the brand, with the long front bonnet harking back to the original 240Z, and the rear lights taking inspiration from the 300ZX. The Z is a real looker, and we’re very excited to see what comes of it as we move closer to something more solid.

Unfortunately, it’s been confirmed that the European market won’t be getting their hands on such a thing, with the Z promised only for countries that can accept its emissions.

“A shrinking European sports car market and specific regulations on emissions mean that Nissan was unable to build a viable business case for the introduction of the production version of the next-generation Z-car in Europe. In Europe, Nissan’s priorities remain its commitment to renew its crossover line-up and accelerate its range electrification strategy.” After seeing the Proto, I was very excited to get a closer look, but living in the UK, I doubt I’ll be seeing one for a while. Because of that, I appreciate the video from Sung even more.


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