Sung Kang Meets The New Nissan Z Proto 400Z
Written by Alex Harrington

The Nissan Z Proto was released to the public earlier this year in all of its retro glory. Its overall design takes hints from the original Datsun 240Z and the rear harks back to the 300ZX. Under the bonnet sits an undisclosed twin-turbo V6, and we’re sure as hell it will be producing around 400 horsepower, but at least more than the outgoing 370Z.

Now, Sung Kang has had a chance to get to know the new Nissan sports car. Take a look at his Instagram post below to see what he thought.


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I think we’re in love…#400 FairladyZ

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“I think we’re in love..” he simply posted. Judging from the comments from you guys, you’re about as in love as Sung is. Make sure you stick around as we get more info about Nissan’s upcoming 370Z replacement.


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  1. Meg Silva 2403

    Wow … judging from what I saw Sung, this car really shook your heart … and then, will you put the old cars aside a little and get this new Fairlady Z ??? If it was orange then, it would be perfect ! I confess that my son and I were drooling !