Sung Kang Reveals His New Viceroy Steering Wheel – Available to Pre-Order Now
Written by Alex Harrington

For a while now, Sung Kang, Glen Cordle, and Tactico Racing Atelier have been working on a limited edition steering wheel for the Porsche 914. It’s now available and ready for pre-order with shipping beginning on May 14th.

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This is what Cordle had to say:

The time has come. The public release of the Viceroy steering wheel. It’s been a long road to get to this point to say the least. I designed the initial version of this wheel several years ago, and it’s gone through some revisions along the way. I’ll highlight some details but for the latest make sure to visit my website, or visit Tactico Racing Atelier.

Designed as a 380mm diameter wheel, the stock size for all 914s and the Carrera 2.7 RS. The size gives great leverage when driving and allows for an open view of the gauges. A laminated (layered) wood back gives warmth and depth to the design. It sets it apart from the rest. A full perimeter thumb groove gives you a quiet reminder of where to keep your thumbs during spirited driving.

I have partnered with Tactico for production and sales, and have leaned heavily on their expertise in the steering wheel engineering and wood components. This is a top-shelf wheel thanks to them. I’ve also partnered with Sung Kang and Sung’s Garage as this wheel is intended to be one of the hinge points of the upcoming Viceroy Bespoke Motorsport Porsche 914.


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Sung Kang said the following:

Honored to be part of this beautiful creation. The limited Viceroy steering wheel. Only 59 available. A collaboration between Sung’s Garage and the talented Glen Cordle.


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Pricing sits at €715,00.

Notable Features Include:

  • 380mm in diameter, this is the factory size of the Porsche Carrera RS 2.7, the Porsche 914, and other vintage makes. This diameter was chosen because a clear view of the gauges was the priority. Beyond that, a full-size wheel with the full amount of leverage intended by the designers makes a car just feel right.
  • Laminated wood back gives warmth and life, it gives it a unique look especially when viewed from a slight angle, and a bit of heft in all the right places.
  • The full-perimeter thumb groove provides a quiet reminder of where to place your thumbs to keep them out of harm’s way. Subtle enough to not be intrusive.
  • Special packaging in wood with foam inserts to protect your wheel and can be repurposed to store other precious items.
  • Special edition metal horn button with the Viceroy logo, plated in black.
  • Serialised edition of 59 wheels, each one marked and unique.
Diameter  380 mm
Crown Coating Full Grain Genuine Italian Leather
Grip 31.5 x 28 mm
Offset 40 mm
Spokes Brushed Black Aluminium
Back cover Laminated White Ash – Opaque finish
Stitching Crossed or Parallel
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