Sung Kang Reveals What It Was Like To See The #JusticeForHan Movement
Written by Alex Harrington

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Our very own Sung Kang of The Fast and Furious saga has revealed what it was like to see the #JusticeForHan movement take off after his character Han was murdered by Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham).

Fans were excited to see the Tokyo Drift character return to the screen in Fast 9 after it was revealed he’d faked his death, but this wouldn’t have happened without the enthusiasm from fans.

Justin Lin, director of a number of Fast films including Tokyo Drift and Fast 9, brought Han into the franchise to continue a character he created for Better Luck Tomorrow. The character was killed towards the end of the third instalment, but thanks to Fast and Furious being released in a non-linear fashion, his character returned for prequels to Tokyo Drift.

Now, in Fast 9, Han has been revealed to have been hiding in Japan thanks to help from Mr Nobody (Kurt Russell) but is eventually brought back into the fold.

But this wasn’t going to happen originally. It was the #JusticForHan movement that made Han’s return a reality. Sung talked about his feeling behind it with Screen Rant:

I saw pictures of that, and I was like, “What’s wrong with this person, having a vigil for a fictitious character?… At first I was like, “Who is this person, a wacko?” And then I started to get to know her, and I realized that there was a deeper meaning behind it. And I was just flattered and honored, that a character that I played meant so much to somebody, and then I had this whirlwind of support. And then eventually, when I landed on set, I would reflect on it going, “Wow, this happened because of a hashtag and a vigil.” Pretty crazy. A vigil you were at, that’s what it means.

Sung will return in following Fast and Furious films, where they’ll look to push into the dynamic between Han and his thought-to-be-killer, Deckard Shaw, who we saw come face to face in the film’s end credits.

It’s safe to say, we’re very excited.


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