Sung Kang Shares Visit To Fast & Furious Car Replica Builder Shahar Algazy

The Fast and Furious cars were pinnacle machines for many children and young adults. The green Mitsubishi Eclipse driven by Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor became a legend, and the silver R34 Skyline put that car on the map for so many fans.

Sung Kang’s character Han owned a Mazda RX7 with a Veilside Fortuna widebody kit that completely changed the look of the classic Japanese car. For years I wanted to own that thing and now I think I’ve lost my chance to pull off such a stunt, but Shahar Algazy, a man who loves to build film replicas, has been able to build his dream cars from the Fast Franchise and they’re excellent.

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Sung went to pay him a visit to get to know him and his family and made sure to check out his collection.

As you can see he has replicas of Brian’s Eclipse and Dom’s RX7 from the first film, and Roman’s Eclipse from 2 Fast 2 Furious. He looked into Han’s RX7, but it was simply too expensive.

Take a look at some of Shahar’s Instagram posts and let us know what you think of his builds!

He also owns other cars such as this beautiful Dodge Viper.

A similar car could be found at the beginning of Tokyo Drift. It ends up getting wrecked, but this one looks sweet.


  1. I miss Sung’s podcasts on Youtube … I really prepared to watch with anxiety … I loved the stories that Sung told, I love David and I met a lot of nice people like Lyrics Born , Sean Lee and Erick Aguilar… don’t give up on your Sung Channel, even if it’s not easy to maintain, if you can thrill at least 1 viewer, it’s worth it .Sung always with you!



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