Sung Kang To Release Short Film On Fugu Z And Obsession
Written by Alex Harrington

With the pandemic ruining everyone’s year, some more than most, film makers, actors, and everyone in the creative space have had their imaginations strangled as their chance to create had been taken away from them. To get over this, Sung and his friends had to get together to stretch their creative muscles.

With help from Elegy film crew, Sung and friends have been busy creating a film on ‘obsession’. Of course, this definitely had to involve Sung’s beautiful Datsun 240Z, the Fugu Z. You can see the car in the teaser Sung posted to his Instagram earlier today below.

The Fugu Z has been an obsession of Sung’s for many years since he bought it in 2015 as a track car for him and friends. Since then, it’s grown to be one of the most famous 240Zs ever, and Sung is still working on it alongside GReddy to improve it further.

It’s currently having its interior overhauled by Carbon Signal, and the team’s even working on twin-turboing the currently naturally-aspirated RB26. When it’s finished, this thing is going to be an absolute weapon on track and on the canyons.

Thank you ELEGY film crew!

Everything shut down. My friends and I felt stuck as artists, so we got to together to Film a story about obsession.
I sincerely thank everyone on the team that came to play with us. Thank you for helping create some magical moments. Would’ve been 💩 without you’re efforts and devotion. Looking forward to sharing with you soon.
Thanks to my partna @briflys for handling it. As always @raffasmarket is watching over us and our stomachs. Thank you 🙏 fam…

We’ll let you know as soon as the film’s released, but to be notified straight away, subscribe to Sung’s newsletter by looking to the right of the page on desktop, or scrolling down on mobile and tablet.


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