Sung Kang Wants An “Epic” Fight Between Han And Killer Deckard Shaw In Fast And Furious 10
Written by Alex Harrington

Fans were excited to see Sung Kang’s character Han return to the Fast and Furious franchise in F9. But an end of credits scene gave viewers even more to think about as Han met his (almost) killer, Deckard Shaw.

The scene opened up to Shaw hitting a punching bag, until it turns out that there’s actually someone inside the bag. The man inside, aching from the onslaught, offers any information Deckard may want, but the ex-MI6 agent turns to him and admits he has everything he wants already. This is simply a workout for the potent fighter.

Soon after there’s a knock at the door, and as Deckard opens it, he realises who it is. It’s Han.

What does this mean for the next film? Well, I asked Sung about this in our latest podcast.

“I don’t have a take because I’ve yet to speak to the writers yet, or the writer director, or directors or the powers that be that are controlling the story, but obviously you know from previous movies, those teasers are set up for something exciting to happen.

“I’m sure there’s going to be some type of western showdown between Deckard Shaw and Han, but I don’t know if it’s gonna be what people just assume that’s gonna happen.

“You never know you what’s gonna happen, I have no idea, Alex i wish I could tell you.”

I then recalled an interview Sung had with ScreenRant about the actor wanting a future Fast film to be-R rated:

“Oh yeah, I would. Wouldn’t it be nice to show different a dimension of the Fast characters, like what happens to a man when he loses his purpose in his life?

“Like if Gisele was Han’s purpose and that was the light that was keeping them going every day, and what happens when that light is gone, you know? I’m sure it was a time where he went dark and it would be nice to explore that and especially yeah with rated-R the action can be a little bit more extreme and stuff and, dude, I mean, come on!

“Everybody loves Statham! I mean, to have an epic like battle with Jason Statham and Han would be dope!”







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