Sung Kang Wants Gal Gadot To Return To Fast and Furious As Gisele
Written by Alex Harrington

Sung Kang has talked to Insider about whether or not Gisele (Gal Gadot) should return sometime in the future of the Fast and Furious franchise. Of course, it was a resounding yes, as Sung is adamant that it’s what us fans want. And, well, he’s obviously right.

After Sung’s character Han returned after he was murdered by Deckard Shaw, characters are sure that the writers behind the future films could bring back Gal. With the fact that we didn’t see a body after she fell from the speeding plane, there’s got to be an easy twist to have her return.

“I’m an advocate of that,” Sung said when he was told about this fan theory.

“I think we need Gisele back … in every way,” Sung continued. “I think the fans want that. We need to make that happen somehow.”

The movement ‘#JusticeForHan was a leading factor behind Sung returning to the franchise.

“What does justice for Han look like?” Sung asked himself. “This is a long answer.”

“Well in the film, I think the question is, “Who killed Han?’ For me, the question is really, ‘Where has Han been?’ and ‘What’s he been doing?'” Sung said, adding: “I think that’s the answer to what ‘Justice for Han’ is. It’s not that it’s a vendetta against Deckard Shaw.

“I think it’s something deeper than that. I think it goes down to justice of his loss, of his love. I think it’s not figured out for Han yet because he’s still trying to figure out, ‘How was he the cause of this? ‘ — Maybe I’m giving away too much now — ‘How was he the cause of the loss of his one and only?'”

Insider asked whether Sung thought that Justin for Han would be the return of Gisele. “I think so,” Sung replies.

“The justice really is this dream that he had with [his] one and only.

“It’s taken away from him and I think that’s what needs to be remedied and then the justice will be served.”