Sung Kang’s Doc Z 240Z Starts Its Restoration With A Respray
Written by Alex Harrington

The Doc Z Datsun 240Z proejct car owned by Sung Kang is beginning its restoration with a full tear down. The body panels have been removed, the interior has gone, and the engine dropped from its workplace, and now the team is prepping the Japanese sports car for paint.

Of course, it’s not the painting that takes a long time, it’s the prep work, and perfecting the prep is essential to a perfect paintjob. As you can see from Sung’s Instagram video, the team are taking their time to make sure the panels are smooth and level for when the paint does eventually go on.

What paint, you ask? Well, as we’ve seen in previous posts from Sung, Doc Z is being painted in red with a black bonnet. But this won’t be just any paint. It’s called ghost paint, and when looked at in different levels of light and different angles, will show not only the Sung’s Garage logo, but a graphic that is close to Sung’s heart.

We can’t wait to show you more as Coast Line Auto Sport get closer to finishing this masterpiece.


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