Sung Kang’s Latest Build: Meet “Doc” – 1971 Datsun 240z East African Safari homage
Written by Alex Harrington

With the world currently in disarray, Sung has adopted a new morning routine to distract himself: scouring through Facebook Marketplace to find gems like Oppa. “Doc”, Sung’s new 1971 Datsun 240z East African Safari rally homage, needs some reviving. There is no better person for the job than the “Doctor” Erick Aguilar. 


Prior to being under the care of Erick, Sung found Doc from a different doctor in Texas, who Sung named Doc after (yes, there are a number of Doc’s in this story). Doc was sitting on Facebook Marketplace when Sung reached out to Jose and his father who is a doctor. They say that they bought Doc right before it was about to be exported out of Mexico. The intention was to build it to pay homage to the East African Rally, maybe even racing it in a Baja rally someday. Unfortunately, this never came to fruition and has been sitting in their garage for the past two years. Sung plans to revive Doc into a daily, while still honoring its spirit by keeping the original L24 engine. 


A Hidden Legend

Erick Aguilar aka the “Doctor of Datsuns”

Erick Aguilar’s passion is loyal to older cars. So much so that Erick is commonly referred to as the “Doctor of 240z”. An OG in the car racing community, Erick’s passion for Datsuns goes all the way back to his high school years. An appreciation for motorcycles, race cars, and honoring history fuels Erick’s passion. You might catch Erick at junkyards salvaging Datsuns, or at his shop, Eric’s Racing, with an actual stethoscope in hand.


Keeping Passion Alive

Dedicating oneself to a craft takes a lot of passion. When asked how he keeps his passion alive, Erick emphasizes the value of varying his work. No two days of Erick’s ever looks the same. His job is endless, with the opportunity to encounter new experiences and people being a constant factor. The knowledge Erick has to share is infinite, making his garage a home of boundless passion.

Meet Doc

Thanks for spending some time with us today! Stay tuned to follow Doc’s revival journey, and to meet the inspiring people along the way.


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