Sung Reveals His Favorite Fast and Furious Movie

What do we really know about Sung?

Mystery Men - Sung Kang
Sung Kang in Mystery Men

Just like his role as leader of the Susie Boys in Mystery Men, Sung remains an ever-enduring man of mystery. The riddle wrapped in a secret inside of a puzzle, Mr. Kang, recently decided to pull back the curtain in the latest episode of his podcast, Sung’s Garage.

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From his role as Han in Better Luck Tomorrow to his role as Han in the Fast and Furious franchise, Sung takes us on a twisting rollercoaster ride through the dark labyrinth of his mind. Sung reveals what his last meal on Earth will be, his favorite flavor of ice cream, and other deep topics such as that one time he accidentally met Michael Bay.

Join us as Sung exposes himself in an intimate zoom conversation with Racer M, David, Anderson, and Cory.

What’s Inside?

    • Sung reveals his favorite Fast and Furious movie.
    • Sung and David get into a heated debate over Vienna Sausage.
    • Cory divulges his fetish for man-tights and assless chaps.
    • The Netflix hit Tiger King is dissected and analyzed!


As an extra super-secret exclusive, we’re giving away content right now that cannot be found anywhere else.

Keep reading to discover the film theory that’s been hidden in plain sight over the course of eight Fast & Furious films…

The Fast and Furious Franchise is The Avengers  for People of Color

Dom is Ironman
Dom is Ironman

Dom is Ironman

The invincible Dominic Toretto has a need for speed, but he doesn’t require iron pajamas to get the job done. He’ll fly through the air by leaping off the roof of his car to save the ones he loves.

Letty is Black Widow
Letty is Black Widow

Letty is Black Widow

She’s deadly, beautiful, and mysterious – Letty Ortiz will kick your ass, kiss you on the lips, and then kick your ass again. Like Black Widow, Letty’s life is plagued by tragedy – amnesia made her forget who her family was.

Brian is Hawkeye

The man with the biggest heart – a father, a husband, and a brother to his whole crew, Brian embodied the code: Do the right thing. Even though he chose being a father over continuing to battle, he always retained the heart of a warrior.

Mia is Scarlet Witch

The crew’s enduring matriarch and voice of reason, Mia’s tough femininity is the magic that holds families together.

Han is Captain America
Han is Captain America

Han is Captain America

Steve Rogers will sacrifice everything for his country, and, likewise, Han will do the same for family. When he relocated to Tokyo, he achieved his hero’s destiny to become a martyr.

Gisele is Peggy Carter

Without Gisele’s sacrifice on the airstrip in Fast and Furious 6, Han would have failed to achieve his ultimate purpose. Likewise, Steve Rogers, without Peggy Carter, would have failed to become Captain America. Highly intelligent and deft with a firearm, Gisele is the epitome of putting her team above all else.

Roman is The Hulk
Roman is The Hulk

Roman is The Hulk

Always the guy you can rely on in a pinch, Roman is the crew’s incredible secret weapon.

Tej is Ant-Man

Hacker extraordinaire, Tej is the guy who can get in any place any time. He’ll solve all your problems however big or small.

Luke Hobbs is Thor

I mean, he just is.

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  1. I had already watched the movie Mystery Men just to see Sung, he appears little but I had a lot of laughs … Han is risen, he is immortal, this is his super power! Regarding Sung’s food … He should eat something healthier! Sung, always with you!

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