The Nissan Z Gets A Sporty Makeover With Insane Aero Kit
Written by Alex Harrington

We’ve featured the upcoming Nissan Z on this site a number of times ever since its first rumour all the way to its official reveal and soon, its official release. It’s the latest Z from a long line full of history, legend, and brilliance.

The latest car, unlike the last two (the 350Z and 370Z), harks back to the original shapes of the 240Z and some elements from the 300ZX, too. It’s a gorgeous car, and it’s safe to say I can’t wait to have a go… please, Nissan.

Digital renderers like Rostislav Prokop have already managed to release some renders despite it not being around for long. With a JDM-style aero kit, Prokop has brought the automobile to the next level.

The final product is breathtaking. There are no significant modifications to the vehicle’s appearance, as we’ve seen before on crazier ideations. The Z’s fundamental form is still visible, yet it’s been enhanced with a very appealing aerokit.

The large splitter behind the front wheels is gone, and it has been replaced by a much bigger version that now virtually touches the ground. There’s a skirt along the side of the automobile with a huge winglet just ahead of the rear tires.

We can see a variety of aerodynamic features towards the back end, including bigger wheel arches and fenders with a few aerodynamic slots to assist with rear downforce. A good view of the car’s rear reveals an enlarged rear wing in black. The real 2023 Z is primarily greeny-yellow, but Prokop’s rendering has considerably more black than the real vehicle. The wing is one such example at the back; likewise, the front splitter. The top of the car and the diffuser as well as regions surrounding the exhausts remain black like in reality, although the body remains a beautiful yellow.

This Z has a nice subtlety about its design, but still boasts sporting aesthetics like larger wheels, thin tyres, and… well. How can you fault it?

Agree? Let me know!


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