These Are The Cars That Almost Made It Onto The Fast And The Furious
Written by Alex Harrington

The first three Fast and Furious films pushed some of the most iconic and legendary cars to the big screen such as the Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, and the Mazda RX7. But have you ever wondered if these cars would have been just as iconic if the film makers had used something else?

Craig Lieberman, the brains behind a lot of the cars in the film has recently published a video to his YouTube channel, explaining which cars almost didn’t make it into the films. What if Brian didn’t drive the iconic orange Supra? Or what if Johnny Trans drove a Mustang or MX5 Miata instead of the Honda S200?

In this video, he talks us through all of the possible cars for most of the characters and gives us the lowdown on why they didn’t make it, whether it be because of the state of the car scene in the early 2000s, the budget being too low, or the cars just not fitting the character. He explains that each car needed to be sold in the US when new, be reflective of the tuning scene in the US at the time, and work when the producers look over the roll call.

When the film was first written, Brian was originally driving a Mitsubishi 3000GT. Johnny Trans was also setup behind the wheel of a Mazda MX5 Miata, but this was deemed too feminine so the decision was made for him to drive a Honda S2000 instead. This makes me very sad as someone who has previously owned an MX5.

Jessie was also in line for another car, either an Audi S4 or BMW E36. This would be perfect for his computer-whizz character, but the production team wasn’t able to find a car that matched what they were looking for. Instead they settled with the Jetta that has since then become legendary within fan circles.

We recently discussed what Sean should have driven instead of the Mistubishi Evo in Tokyo Drift, so let us know in the comments what other cars you wish the characters had driven.


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  1. homina8or

    I think Jessie could have driven a WRX STi but the Jetta was awesome. I always wondered why the S2000 was picked for Johnny Tran. I figured a 240SX or a 90’s 300ZX Twin Turbo would have fit the character more.